Strong + Beautiful 50s + 60s Strength Training Classes

Strong + Beautiful 50s + 60s Strength Training Classes

Strength Classes at the Fitness Studio ( Located in College Plaza in Downtown Brevard, NC)

60+ Strength Class Tuesday’s 4:00- 5:00 pm

50+ Strength Class Tuesday’s 5:00- 6:00 pm

I’ve been in the health and wellness field for almost 35 years and worked with many fitness instructors and trainers. Amanda is one of the best. Smart, knowledgeable, kind, supportive and positive—she is a joy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough. Her group fitness classes are always fun, personal, lively and highly effective and her creative and always relevant approach is spot on (she loves to dive in to the cutting edge research around strength training for women). She makes you fall in love with working out!   Renee Peterson Trudeau, self-care author/speaker  

Want to feel strong and beautiful inside and out? 

Build muscle (and burn fat!)?

Laugh, connect and grow physically stronger in a community?

This weekly strength training class is designed to help support the well-being of women in their 50s with a holistic approach to fitness.  It will encompass all aspects of fitness with an emphasis on weight lifting and strength.  Strength training is essential in your 50’s because it can help with hormone balancing, metabolism/weight gain, sleep, arthritis, and bone density. You might be thinking, but class is only once per week; set your mind at ease, research confirms that lifting weights once a week provides significant benefits.


WEIGHT LIFTING INCREASES BONE DENSITY. Women can lose up to 20% of their bone mass during menopause. –  Weight lifting has proven benefits of preventing or reversing osteoporosis. Lifting weights applies tension (stress) to bones, which stimulates the production of bone tissue, 

WEIGHT LIFTING INCREASES METABOLISM –  Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue at rest.   As estrogen levels decrease in females during menopause there is a deterioration of muscle mass. The best way to combat this is to use strength training to cause small micro-tears in your muscle tissue, stimulating the body to heal the tears by making the muscle bigger and stronger. 

WEIGHT LIFTING IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR AND GENERAL HEALTH – Studies have shown resistance training improves insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure, reduces visceral (belly) fat and improves immunity.

The best part of class will be gaining strength and lowering stress though working out with new friends.  Connection, community, empowering personal fitness training, heightened muscle mass and mood-boosting—YES! Limited spots available.