What is Outdoor Fitness Brevard?

 – A small group fitness class that is held in original locations in and around Transylvania County.


Who is Outdoor Fitness Brevard for?

 – Anyone who enjoys being around others and is looking for a full body workout while experiencing nature!


Do I have a to be in shape to come to the class?

 – You can be in the best or worst shape of your life.  Amanda personalizes the workout based on your fitness level and is the queen of modifications…  so this class is for you regardless of physical condition or previous injury!


What kind of workout should I expect?

 – A well-balanced, full-body workout!  Each class is unique to its location, making the workout different every time!  Above all, Amanda makes each class fun.  Expect a little bit of strength training, body-weight training, balance training, and cardiovascular training sprinkled with games, tabatas, group challenges, brain teasers, and yoga.


How do I join?

 – Easy, just check in at least one hour before class by emailing, texting, calling, or Facebook messaging to let Amanda know you are coming so she can plan accordingly.





How much does it cost?

 – We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

– Look for specials on home page

 Drop In

$10 Drop- in ( to attend any class at any time) 


 Do I need to buy any equipment?

 Only a mat you do not mind getting a little dirty. If class requires a mat and it will be specified on the schedule. Amanda will bring an extra in case someone forgets!


What if it’s wet?

Outdoor Fitness Brevard Weather Policy:

  Inclement Weather – Plan to meet at specified location. We will have class in the elements therefore be prepared for the weather! 

Note: If rain is in the forecast when Amanda determines the locations she plans to have shelter near by.


Will I get Dirty?

Yes, there is a possibility of getting dirty and sweaty!

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