Steps For Making a Lifestyle Change  

Steps For Making a Lifestyle Change  

Contrary to popular belief radical exercise programs, diet fads, and weight-loss pills are not the answer.  For a lasting impact on your health there must be long-term changes.


1st Step: Feed Your Mind

Your mind is only as powerful as the knowledge it holds.  If healthy living habits have not been a standard among people in your life, consider seeking fresh sources for information and individuals who consistently make healthy choices.

Topics to research: balanced eating, intermittent fasting, mindfulness and other activities offered in your community.

Additional sources:

Alternative Health Articles

Meditation from a skeptic/science lovers point of view

Short Workouts & Healthy Living Tips


2nd Step: Set Your Mind

My father always said “You can do anything you set your mind to.”  So set your mind to visualize yourself making all the best choices for your health.  If you can see yourself succeeding…  Then you’ll succeed.


3rd Step: Make SLOW Changes

Make slow changes indefinitely.  Allow small changes to build on one another to produce results.  Start by taking inventory of physical and mental health habits, identify the weakest points, and then create rituals to help strengthen them.

Ritual examples:

Refrain from eating after a certain time

Join an exercise class or hire a personal trainer

Adhere to a sleeping schedule

Meditate on positive thoughts for 10 minutes daily


4th Step: Prepare for Battle

It is difficult to make healthy decisions in our culture while constantly bombarded with advertisements for unhealthy food and conveniences.  Therefore prepare to fight for your picture of health.

Note where to find Support, Motivation and Encouragement to reinforce your goals


Here’s a great example of how change is always within reach!

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