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March 26th & 28th

March 26th & 28th

Moore Cove Falls – Enter into Pisgah Forest and travel 6.7 miles  which is 1 mile beyond looking glass falls; it will be a small parking area on the right.Lake Imaging DuPont State Forest – 

From Crab Creek Road (Brevard/Hendersonville)

Turn south 2.6 miles on DuPont Road that turns into Staton Road to the Lake Imaging Access Area on the left.

From Cedar Mountain (US-276)

Turn north 2.5 miles on Cascade Lake Road past the Corn Mill Shoals Access Area. Turn right on Staton Road at the DuPont State Recreational Forest sign 2.7 miles past the High Falls and Hooker Falls Access Areas, to the Lake Imaging Access Area on the right.

March 5th & 7th

March 5th & 7th

 Rain or Shine!

Ranger Station / Visitor Center – Enter the forest US- 276 N travel 1.7 miles and it will on the right.
Address -1600 Pisgah Hwy, Pisgah Forest, NC

South Broad Park –  Meet in Parking Lot off S. Gaston St.  This small park is near the library across the street from Advance Auto Parts
Address – 335 S Broad St, Brevard NC

Can Sitting Take Years Off Your Life?

Can Sitting Take Years Off Your Life?

The short answer is yes. Sitting for long periods of time can be harmful for the body and cannot be undone by exercising.

Risks of sitting 3 hours or more a day

* Organ damage
*Posture Problems
* Muscle Degeneration
* Weak Bones
*Increased risk of cancer and diabetes
* Slowed metabolism
* Weakened immune system

Combat the damage

– Get up and walk around for a couple minutes mins every hour
– Stretch while at the desk or couch
– Set up office so you have to get up and move
– Take standing breaks
– Walk during lunch break or instead of watching TV
– Invest in a standing desk
– Purchase a pedometer that will encourage you to move each hour (Fitbit and Apple watch)

For more information check out these articles below:

Mercola Article – Here’s what sitting too long does to your body

CNN Article – Sitting for hours can shave years off your life